Here Are The 10 Funniest Joe Biden Memes That Are Sweeping The World Wide Web



So by now you bros have probably seen a few of the Joe Biden memes that have been sweeping the world wide web. The genesis of these memes are rooted in the Vice President’s intense dislike for President-elect Donald Trump that has spanned over a decade.

Last month, he told the media that if this were this were the 60’s, he’d like nothing more than to go toe-to-toe with Trump.

“The press always ask me, ‘Don’t I wish I were debating him?’ No, I wish we were in high school,” the Vice President of the United States said. “I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish.”

If you’re wondering who would be the last man standing, our own Paul Sacca broke down the numbers.

Donald Trump- AGE: 70-Years-Old HEIGHT: 6′3″ WEIGHT: 236 lbs

Joe Biden – AGE: 73-Years-Old HEIGHT: 6’¼” WEIGHT: 215 lbs

Unfortunately, this isn’t the swinging 60s so we won’t be able to witness a Biden-Trump cage match, but its 2016, so MEMES! Take a look at the best Biden memes the internet has to offer centering around the impending transfer of power.