Teen girl gets her jaw broken by bullies for looking like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a beautiful woman. Eighteen-year-old Xenna Kristian, who occasionally is paid to impersonate Taylor Swift, is a beautiful woman, too. Unfortunately, one of them got her jaw broken for the resemblance.

xenna kristian


The British teen claims that a classmate at her school pulled her out of her chair by her pony tail for no particular reason.

The girl then began stomping Kristian, kicking her in the face repeatedly.

Kristian suffered what might be a broken jaw along with facial lacerations and bruising.

She believes that the attack was based on her appearance and not on any other indignation.

“It just came as a complete shock,” Kristian revealed in a video interview.

Kristian and her mother reported the incident to the police but no action has been taken against the alleged attacker.

If we can’t stick up for our most beautiful citizens — preferably more so than those who are less attractive — where are we as a society? You’re on my shit list, UK.

(via Gawker)