‘The Devil’s Wheel’ Is An Oktoberfest Merry-Go-Round For Drunks And I Want To Ride It Now



Today I discovered the Teufelsrad, aka The Devil Wheel, which is basically a merry-go-round in bars at Oktoberfest in which drunk people try their hardest to hold on and not puke.

I don’t know how I’ve lived my life up to this point without knowing this exists, I guess it’s because I’ve never been to Oktoberfest in Germany yet, but I now have one goal in life: to get blacked out and not fall of this thing.

Because this videos take a while for the Teufelsrad’s to get up to speed I highly suggest you set your YouTube settings to watch them at 2x speed and revel as these drunk Germans fall off the Devil Wheel. And for some reason these rides appear to be broken down in to a battle of the sexes, so I’ve included one from the women and one from the bros….

The Ladies:

The Bros:

So, who won? The ladies or the bros? Answers down below in the comments…

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