The Backstreet Boys shredding ‘I Want It That Way’ will break your teenage girl heart

Just the other day I thought to myself ‘I wonder what happened to the Backstreet Boys?’ After watching this video, I have my answer.

Did I really have that thought? Hell no. Do I actually think about the Backstreet Boys on a near daily basis? Unfortunately, I do.

I’m currently engaged to a woman who’s self-described as once being the biggest Backstreet Boys fan in the world, when she was a pre-tween, and since she was so young I choose to forgive her those transgressions. But why pray tell do I think about them on a regular basis? Because I won’t rest until she gets it through her damn head that N’Sync (and Justin Timberlake) were immeasurably superior to the boys of backstreet.

Justin Timberlake is perhaps one of the top 5 most powerful ‘celebs’ in the world, and I probably couldn’t name you a single one of the Backstreet Boys’ actual names. What more of a f*cking argument does she need than that to see the light? Ugh, smdh…


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