The Deaf Leopard puts a truck horn in the palm of your hand

Air horns are wonderful things. OK, they’re really just incredibly loud things. But incredibly loud things can also be wonderful, and there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t own the Deaf Leopard.

deof leopard


OK, so the name is an incredibly awful pun, but the item itself is awesome. Manufactured by a t-shirt cannon designer, it’s essentially a set of truck horns mounted on a pistol grip.

Plug in a CO2 cartridge, like you’ll find at any hobby store or Walmart, slap on the ear protection which they provide to you (and you’ll need it) and pull the trigger.

If you’ve ever heard a truck blare its horn, you know exactly what happens next. The good news is that the volume is easily adjustable by the user, ranging from slight honk to “we’re going to live up to our name”.

True, this is largely intended for arenas, and other places you need to shut up enormous crowds of people. But at a relatively low price of $550, we’re sure you can find many, many uses for this.

Just remember the ear protection.

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