The genius and stupidity of the Ravens intentional safety

The best play of the Super Bowl came not from MVP Joe Flacco, nor dancing Jacoby Jones nor the insufferable Ray Lewis. No sir. The best play came from the Ravens punt team. With 12 seconds left, the unit was told to take an intentional safety and waste as much time as possible in the process.

So Sam Koch took the snap and awkwardly galloped around the end zone before Chris Culliver finally shoved him out of the bounds.

His teammates did the heavy lifting, holding, maiming and even sodomizing Niners defenders on the play.

Ravens safety


Essentially the Ravens took advantage of the rulebook, knowing any penalty in the end zone would result in a safety—their goal from the start. It’s not a loophole but rather something the NFL has never addressed. They might now. Hell, they might have to after that bizarre play.