The Pit-BUL: Spike-strips go high-tech

Anybody who’s played a racing video game or has decided they can outrun a Crown Vic in their Civic is familiar with spike strips: Police lay them down to stop crooks on the run.

The problem is that spike strips are actually pretty dangerous: Blowing out all four tires at once can potentially injure the suspect or police.

So instead they’re going to fire freaking nets into the undercarriage using the Pit-BUL.

Don’t believe us? Check the video for yourself:

The idea is that as the car crosses the device, it fires a spike covered net out. This net winds itself around the axle and grinds the vehicle to a halt while also completely shredding the front tires.

It also serves the important function of resembling something Batman would use to stop criminals, and it is very, very important we move towards living our lives more and more like Batman.

Jokes aside, this does actually make for a smoother, less violent stop than spike strips, meaning everybody involved is more likely to jump a creek another day.

Also, we can’t emphasize this enough: Batman.

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