Thief steals $5000 of Diddy’s Ciroc vodka

A thief pulled a Home Alone 2 at an Orlando Walgreens in order to steal $5,000 worth Ciroc Vodka. Diddy was unavailable for question, mostly because I’m the only one who immediately wondered what he thought about it. He’s likely thrilled about the free press and perceived appeal for his vodka brand though.



According to cops, the unsub hid in the Walgreens store room, much like Marv and Harry hid in toy houses in Home Alone 2. Once everyone had gone home for the night, the the thief walked out through the emergency exit with $5000 dollars worth of Ciroc, on of the finest grape-based vodkas. That’s in the ballpark of 14 cases, which is a fairly impressive feat.

I’m hoping for the mother of all irony in which it turns out that the thief stole the fake Ciroc that’s been slipping into stores.

via ClickOnOrlando