7 things women do that inevitably piss men off

Things Women Do That Piss Off Men

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Ah, the delicate balance between men and women. We’re so alike and yet so different. That’s one of the reasons we can’t seem to get enough of each other. It’s also the reason we get so fed up. Here’s a list of things women do that don’t sit right with us.

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7 Thinking Taller Means Better

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Biologically, this makes sense. You see, back at the dawn of man (and wo-man), the taller or larger you were meant the better you could protect yourself and your mate and the taller or larger your offspring would be, increasing your chances of survival and their chances of carrying on the bloodline. But, hey we aren’t cave-people and taller does not necessarily mean stronger. It doesn’t mean more skilled and it certainly doesn’t mean better able to father children. If I knew of a way to get your biological impulses un-hard-wired, this would be the sentence that I’d suggest it in.

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6 Making Us Clear One Hurdle After Another


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Men are content to be content. Women (for better or worse) often have an agenda.
Are you dating? It’s time for the relationship talk.
Are you in a relationship? It’s time for the moving in talk.
Are you all moved in? It’s time for the marriage talk.
Are you all wifed and hubbied up? It’s time for the having kids talk.
If this was a career, they’d be CEO by now.

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5 Assuming We Should Be Making More Money Than Them


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I’m not sure if a lot of females still think it’s the 1950’s and we’re making exponentially more money than they are, but it’s not and we don’t. It’s well into the 21st century and not only is that income disparity gap between the sexes lessening every year, but women often make more than men. That’s great! Congratulations, seriously! Now throw us a bone.

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4 Being So Much More Complicated Than Us


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Of all the evil things women do, being more complicated than us is the worst. How dare they? Typically, we’re happy with a sandwich, a bean bag and a TV, but they crave something more enlightened that always has the potential to grow. What’s a guy to do, but try to meet halfway.

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3 Blaming It On Their Period


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We have a moody time of the month too, and that’s any time of the month that we don’t get laid. We don’t take that out on you. We take that out on Internet porn.

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2 Making Us Guess


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So often, you tell us what you don’t want, but we really need to know what you do want. Or even better, be clear about both!

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1 Pretending You Don’t Need Us As Much As We Need You


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We know you’re smart and strong and independent, but you’re allowed to rely on us. The very definition of a relationship has to do with an exchange of value taking place. We give, you take. You give, we take. I know that sounds super romantic and all, but someone has to break it down.

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(Previously published on November 29, 2011.)