Trojan Football 101 for ladies is something that exists

Are you a Trojan football fan? Are you a woman? Well, my deepest apologies because you must not know anything about the game. That’s what I’ve gathered after seeing this email sent to the USC community today.

Layla Kiffin along with the wives of other USC coaches will host the 3rd annual Trojan Football 101 for ladies. An event that educates women about the nuances of the game because women are football stupid and boobs and go make me a pot pie.

Ugh. What a lame attempt at fundraising. And yes, I realize proceeds go to women’s athletic scholarships and that’s fine. But let’s not insult an entire gender in the process. In 2006, women made up 43% of the entire NFL fanbase. In 2010, 375,000 women attended NFL games. So yes, women are familiar with the game. They’re more than just cheerleaders.

Let’s stop treating them like ignorant bimbos ok?