The TSA is spending BILLIONS on Instagram, and it’s working

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With an annual budget of $7.39 BILLION this year, we must assume that since Instagram is the ONLY thing the TSA is good at, it must be where all the budget’s going.

Tasked with keeping our airports safe, the TSA is better known for groping passengers, stealing items from luggage, and generally being the biggest joke among all government agencies. However, with such an absurdly inflated budget of $7.39B this year, they have to be doing at least one thing right, no?

The answer is yes. They’re good at one thing, and one thing alone: Instagram.

Their ‘gram game is ON POINT! As we saw today from James Joiner over at Esquire, the TSA is in fact as good as we’ve ever seen. The TSA comes in contact each day with any and every weird item one could imagine, so why not take pics of said items and toss them up on IG for the rest of us to enjoy? Mostly it’s a hodgepodge collection of asinine weapons, but who wouldn’t want to see that? For example…

However, WWII ninja weapons aren’t the only things they come in contact with…

Some are idiotic:

Some are more futuristic:

Some are cute:

But mostly, yes, they’re just weird:

So, kudos to you TSA for doing one thing right. With nearly 56,000 employees it’s comforting to know at least one of you isn’t a completely useless f*cktard.

H/T: Esquire