Turn your miles of running into works of art

via Made With Sisu


You know all those GPS-created maps on your workout app that show the route of your run.

Sometimes their boring — the same circle over and over — but occasionally they’re an interesting design with a couple weaves and bobs down different streets you’ve never explored. Imagine taking all of those miles and minutes and putting them into one minimalist work of art.

That’s the idea behind the Sisu. Sisu turns the art of exercise into an exercise work of art.

Every day we train with grit and determination. Now it’s time to stand tall and be proud of what we’ve achieved; the hills we’ve climbed, the segments we’ve conquered and the PBs we’ve smashed.Sisu allows you to connect your Strava account to design beautiful, bespoke prints to hang on your wall at home, in all their glory.

Sisu even allows user to take certain routes — let’s say all of the roads run during training for a marathon — and put them into one piece of work.

It all costs around the same as a pair of good running shoes.

[via Cool Material]