Vandals cut bush in the shape of a penis

For hours, perhaps even days, the banks of the Detroit River was home to the finest piece of phallic-themed vandalism we’ve ever seen.

Greg Layson/CBC Windsor

Greg Layson/CBC Windsor

Sadly, the city of Windsor deprived the public of this great piece of art.

“We deployed staff immediately to address it,” said Miceli. “Somebody basically defaced public property and what we had to do was address it. It’s not something that we would be promoting.”

Despite that, he conceded that the culprits had a keen grasp of what they were doing.

“Whoever did the shaping was pretty proficient at shaping bushes.”

Look how sad the bush looks now. Not standing at attention, completely flaccid. We’ve basically turned the bush into a eunuch.

penis bush

Gino Conte/CBC News

Poor fella.

*UPDATE: This has been going on since August.


…or July


Thanks to Guyism reader Blake Fischer for passing this on.