Varacil is a pencil you have to put together before you use it

Varacil is a procrastinator’s dream and a fussy person’s nightmare: a pencil that comes in the shape of a three-dimensional puzzle. But, as things from Japan go, it’s both one of the cooler things we’ve found and the least nightmare inspiring, so that’s a start.

As If Toy Company

If you put together plastic models, this will be extremely familiar: you break out the clippers, snip out the parts and start clicking the pieces together.

Needless to say, as it’s a puzzle, getting things put together is a bit trickier than just cutting them out. You’ll need to snap the oddly shaped pieces together in just the right order.

How does it work as an actual writing utensil? Well, the manufacturer really says it all:

“The pencil can certainly be used to write with, but the body is very uneven and is prone to bending. This item shouldn’t be relied on as a main pencil and should instead be used occasionally when you want something fun to write with.”

In other words it’s a conversation starter to leave on your desk. Or a distraction, while you’re killing time waiting for a report.

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