‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 episode 3 recap: Isolation


Forget Obamacare, zombiecare is way worse. Last week, we saw just how dangerous the super-bug ravaging the prison could be, as one death unleashed a walker attack from inside. This week on The Walking Dead, things just got worse. As we open the episode, more people have been sickened by the disease – Glenn, Sasha and Lizzie are all now in quarantine. Nobody else has died from it yet, which is good, but something needs to be done.

Tyreese is naturally pissed off when he finds Karen’s charred body, taking it out on Rick and Daryl, but things quickly calm down and Rick promises to find the person responsible. Hershel sends Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob out on an expedition to a veterinary college 50 miles away in search of antibiotics, which will hopefully stem the tide. While they’re on the road, they get a transmission on the car radio, but it’s too garbled to really make out.

That’s the least of their worries, though – as they drive, Daryl runs over a walker. Then another one. And then the camera pulls back to reveal that they’re heading into a valley literally full of them. We’re talking thousands of hungry corpses, and four people aren’t going to be able to do much about that. They valiantly try to smash their way through but end up wrecking the car and having to escape on foot. It looks like Tyreese doesn’t make it out but eventually he staggers out of the forest, bloody but alive.

Hershel wants to try to help the infected people whatever way he can, so he and Carl head out to gather some elderberries for a herbal anti-flu tincture. The pair share an interesting moment on the outside where they see some walkers in the forest but decide to let them be even though they had a certain kill. Carl’s getting a little Zen about the whole thing. Hershel then willingly exposes himself to the sick ones to bring them medicine. Baller stuff.

Rick uses those detective skills to match a bloody handprint found at the scene of the burning to… Carol. This isn’t much of a surprise, as she’s had a lot of focus this season with her new harder attitude. She argues that the sacrifice of two people is worth the survival of the community, and surprisingly Rick agrees with her. How this will play out down the line is unknown – secrets never seem to stay that way for long on The Walking Dead, but Tyreese is still going to want answers (if he makes it back).

Overall, a super solid episode. Some gore, some character development, but still no sign of the Governor (even though his name is in the credits). When do you think he’ll make an appearance?