Watch Miguel Cabrera and Adrian Beltre take turns punching each other in the balls

[mlbvideo id=”33097315″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

On Friday night during the game between the Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers things got nuts. Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera put his hand on the head of Adrian Beltre while he was on third base. The Rangers third baseman did not appreciate the gesture and promptly smacked Cabrera with his glove, once to the back and then he followed it up with a swift and sneaky shot right to the babymaker. Cabrera retaliated with a cockshot of his own, but Beltre blocked it. Glad to see that professional athletes play the same childish reindeer games that my drunk friends and I play. titled this video “Miggy, Beltre horse around,” probably because they can’t say, “Beltre smacks Cabrera in the yam bags,” although it probably would have equated to more views with the honest title.