What to watch tonight: ‘Justified’, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

by 5 years ago

If you’ll allow me a few brief words about How I Met Your Mother. WHAT. THE. HELL. ARE. YOU. DOING? (SPOILER)

If the mother is dead (as many suspect after last night’s episode), this may go down as the worst show of the last 50 years. Just awful. The show’s not supposed to be depressing. At all. There’s been a handful of serious moments. Sure. But depressing? Nah. Nah man. You guys don’t know what you’re doing.

If I ever see the writers of this show, I will flat out punch them in the genitals.

Justified @ 10pm, FX: Except for that one episode, this season has been very “meh.”

Rizzoli & Isles @ 9pm, TNT: My favorite show about a detective and her medical examiner roommate.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine @ 9:30pm, FOX: Two years ago if I told you Andy Samberg would star on the #1 comedy on TV, you’d wonder why so many people were watching SNL.

Chicago Fire @ 10pm, NBC: This show’s REALLY running out of storylines fast. A sign of weak writing.

Alabama-Kentucky @ 9pm, ESPN: The Wildcats are reeling and all eyes are on John Calipari tonight. A loss would be devastating.

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