Watch a guy beat ‘Metroid’ in crazy quick fashion

No worries about any time commitment; he beats Metroid in just a few minutes.

If you’re like me, beating the original Metroid for the NES was a crowning achievement of your youth. Even with all the help that resources at the time (i.e. Nintendo Power) provided, it took ages and nerves of steel to get all the required tools, beat both mini bosses, and deal with the Metroid themselves, who all played upon your shattered nerves.

Then there’s this guy, who managed to blow though the game in a little over 8 minutes. The best part of this following video is the zoomed out view, in which one can truly admire the game’s architecture and enemy placement (I’d recommend hitting that full screen button)…

Though it also make what he does seem all the more confusing. So what’s the deal? Basically, the reason why this person is able to do what he does is by taking advantages of glitches.

For example; if one jump up and down, super quick like, while going through a door, you can force yourself into other sections. Hence why he’s able to skip so much normally necessary terrain. There’s also various other tricks that can only be done via an emulator. So don’t feel too bad that you weren’t able to do the same as a kid, because you technically you couldn’t.