Did a web developer break the LeBron code? LeBronJames.com has one team’s colors. Guess which one?

This is peak internet sleuthing right here. This is pretty much why the internet is both terribly frightening and unbelievably fascinating. A web developer did some digging on LeBronJames.com and unearthed some info—info that ultimately says what his team he’s going to.

Via @mattborcas and @wfnyscott

See, this is real shit right here. This isn’t a source in LeBron’s entourage. This isn’t LeBron barber telling me he got an erection when I mentioned Cleveland. This isn’t LeBron’s pool guy whispering sweet nothings into my ear in a dark alley.

This is science people.

And as we all know, science is ALWAYS right. Just ask Jesus.

(For what it’s worth, I ran Firebug on LeBronJames.com and couldn’t find the same info. Is there a wormhole I’m not aware of?)