Wendy’s putting Frosty in waffle cones!

Wendy’s is upgrading their Frosty again. Unlike the travesty that is the Vanilla Frosty, this is a positive addition. They are now serving the Frosty in waffle cones!


The Frosty has always been the 2nd best item on Wendy’s menu behind the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. This might help pull it into a tie though. The cost for the new item is $1.49, which is more than a small Frosty. By the looks of the picture, it probably contains less actual ice cream (or whatever the technical heavenly substance a Frosty is), though I don’t know that for sure. You get a waffle cone though. Yeah, waffle…cone…filled with Frosty. It’s like Dave Thomas reached inside my brain and pulled out the 4th or 5th best idea I’ve ever had.

I’d probably stick with the cup if you’re a fry dunker. If you eat your Frosty straight up though, this is borderline mandatory upgrade.