Some Dudes Broke Into The Roof Of A Hong Kong Skyscraper And Filmed It Using Quad-Copter Drones

This is some serious spy movie isht right here, some guys in Hong Kong broke into a skyscraper, climbed up to the roof, and filmed outrageous footage using quad-copter drones.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this crew, previously they broke in to the Shanghai Tower, filmed it, and got a cool 35 MILLION+ views on YouTube. This video titled ‘What’s up Hong Kong?’ shows them trekking through the city, breaking in to the building, climbing up to the roof, and allegedly hacking the LED billboard to read ‘What’s up Hong Kong?’ Though some viewers are claiming that was done in post production.

Some modern-day ‘HACK THE PLANET’ Crash-Override shit right here. It’s easily the coolest video I’ve watched this week, and it’s remarkable because nothing really happens. They just break in somewhere and take some awesome city footage:


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