What’s winning the Internet today (10.23.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen on the Internet today.

Lunchroom Lovin’

oral sex high school cafeteria

Huffington Post

“Home of Champions” indeed.
High School Students Charged For Oral Sex in Cafeteria

Honest Logos and Slogans

honest logos and slogans

Elite Daily

These are all so true.
If Brands Were Honest, These are What Their Logos and Slogans Would Be

Wait, What?


Natasha Barnard in Lingerie

natasha barnard lingerie


28 photos of this goddess are not enough.
Natasha Barnard’s New Lingerie Photos are Off the Chart

Facts About Lefties

facts about lefties

The Chive

For instance: about 50% of rats, cats, and mice are left pawed.
A Few Interesting Facts About Being Left-Handed (23 Photos)

Honest Trailer: ‘Pacific Rim’

Hannah Mae & Her Slippery Dress

hannah mae

Gorilla Mask

For some reason, it just keeps falling off.
Hannah Mae (NSFWish)

Urban Dictionary Words to Know

urban dictionary words college


This is crucial information, people.
9 Urban Dictionary Words Every College Student Should Know (Video)

Claudia Romani on the Beach

romani bikini

Busted Coverage

She likes the beach, and it likes her.
Claudia Romani Spotted Back on the Beach

Snowmobile Loading Fail

snowmobile fail


Maybe just walk it up next time.
How Not to Load a Snowmobile Onto a Truck (Video)

Wait, What?


Ending ‘Harry Potter’ Sooner

harry potter movies

The Smoking Jacket

J.K. Rowling could have shaved a few pages out of the Harry Potter series.
7 Ways the “Harry Potter” Series Could Have Ended Much, Much Sooner

Shane van der Westhuizen in Bikinis

Shane van der Westhuizen Bikini


South Africa, you’ve done it again!
Model at Midnight: Shane van der Westhuizen

Halloween Ideas For Sports Figures

halloween sports figures

Bleacher Report

Tim Tebow’s Halloween costume idea is spot-on.
What Sports Figures Should Be For Halloween

Priscila Uchoa in Bikinis

Priscila Uchoa


There really is no end to the number of sexy women in Brazil.
Priscila Uchoa is One Hot Brazilian Mama

Subway Signs Reimagined in Comic Sans

subway signs comic sans

Death and Taxes

The creators aptly titled these photos “Subway Hell.”
NYC Subway Signs Reimagined in Comic Sans

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

Mackenzie Smits

SI Extra Mustard

Birds With Arms Meme, Fails of the Week, Mackenzie Smits and More!