What’s winning the Internet today (12.19.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen on the Internet today.

Most ‘Checked-In’ Facebook Locations



Some of these will come as a major suprise.
Top 25 Most “Checked-In” Locations on Facebook in 2013

Impressive Old Restaurants



Hurry up and check these out before they turn into an Arby’s.
9 Impressively Old Restaurants You Need to Eat At

Never Thought of That


Kacie McDonnell: Hot Sports Reporter


SI Extra Mustard

She needs a job on national TV now.
SI Hot Clicks

Life Hacks That Actually Work


The Chive

Some of these are simply good, while others are pure genius!
A Few Life Hacks That Actually Work (24 Photos)

Winter Car Crash Compilation 3

Aneta in Lingerie


Gorilla Mask

Why doesn’t she want us to know her last name? Oh, right, stalkers.
Aneta (NSFWish)

‘Anchorman’ – Cat Edition



This too would be a box office hit.
Anchorman – Cat Edition (Video)

Gabby Harrington Looking Foxy


Fox Sports Big Buzz

Oh to be a professional athlete…
MLB Superstar Engaged to Model; Gabby Harrington is Fox-y

Your Odds are Pretty Good


Lauren Fitzgerald in Lingerie



See? America has hot models too. USA! USA!
Model at Midnight: Lauren Fitzgerald

Insane Sex Positions


Total Frat Move

You’ve been warned.
Sex Positions That Should Never Be Attempted

Texans Cheerleaders Play Dress Up


Busted Coverage

Dear Santa, please put one of these under my tree.
Texans Cheerleaders Get in the Christmas Spirit [PHOTOS]

Life-Size, Running Lego Car


Elite Daily

Could you imagine the cleanup time after an accident?
This Life-Size Car is Completely Built Out of Legos and is Powered By Air (Video)

One Amazing Emily Ratajkowski GIF



I’m not sure if it’s really SFW, but it’s definitely amazing.
Emily Ratajkowski GIF of the Day

Lyndall Jarvis is Too Hot


Hollywood Tuna

No joke, she might be the sexiest woman to come out of South Africa.
Lyndall Jarvis Does FHM Africa!

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday


SI Extra Mustard

Animals Cooler Than Us, Teeter-Totter Fails, Jaclyn Swedberg & More!

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