What’s winning the Internet today (05.21.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

A Jodi Arias Movie?

jodi arias movie

Huffington Post

An actress takes a stab at playing Jodi Arias. (Sorry.)
Sex and Murder, The Movie!

Improper Use of Twitter



She wins the dumbest tweet of the week award.
Idiot Tweets About Hitting Cyclist With Her Car, Say Cops

Why? It’s a Cool Name

jizz dracula



Theres Alexandersson in Lingerie

Theres Alexandersson


Why aren’t there more Swedish lingerie models anyway?
Theres Alexandersson is New, and Ridiculously Sexy in Lingerie

Hilarious Graduation Memes

graduation memes

The FW

They’re hilarious because they’re true.
Hilarious Graduation Memes to Help You Avoid the Real World

Ultimate Nut Shot Compilation

Inna Popenko in Lingerie

Inna Popenko

Gorilla Mask

Wow. Why haven’t we heard of her before today?
Inna Popenko (NSFWish)

Principal Skinner’s Flashbacks

principal skinner

Clip Nation

Poor Skinner, he’s had a rough life.
Principal Skinner’s Vietnam Flashbacks (Video)

Sexy MMA Fighter Rachel Wray

rachel wray

Busted Coverage

She’s got a 3-1 record, let’s get her a fight with Rousey pronto.
Rachel Wray – The Cheerleader Turned MMA Fighter – Has Healed Nicely


gay marriage



Camping Gear Essentials

camping gear

Guy Speed

Don’t end up on the news where they’re using words like “search grid.”
8 Camping Gear Essentials For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Aurelia Gliwski in Bikinis

aurelia bikini


And also lingerie! She’s multi-talented.
Model at Midnight: Aurelia Gliwski

Stop It, Restaurants



Why do restaurants continue to do all of these pain in the ass things?
Obnoxious Things Restaurants Need to Stop Doing

Sexy Bikini Photos

bikini photos

MTV Guy Code

This looks like a must-attend event for 2014.
Sexy Bikini Photos From the 2013 Hangout Music Fest

Best HADOKEN-ing Memes

HADOKEN-ing meme


This might be my favorite meme of all time.
The 20 Awesomest HADOKEN-ing Memes

Playmate of the Year Twitpics

PMOTY tweets

The Smoking Jacket

She’s really good at Twitter.
Raquel Pomplun, Playmate of the Year, Show Us Your Tweets

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

barnard wonderbra


Trampoline Trick Shot, MLB Parks Built From Legos, Natasha Barnard and more!

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