What’s winning the Internet today (06.21.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Optical Illusion Dance

optical illusion dance

Huffington Post

My head hurts now.
Trippy Optical Illusion Dance Plays With Your Brain (Video)

Graduation Disasters

graduation disasters


Does burning down your school count?
The Biggest Graduation Disasters

Could Happen

instagram video



Flavia Lucini in Bikinis

flavia lucini


If you don’t know who Flavia Lucini is, you should.
Flavia Lucini Unleashes Her Bikini Perfection… Wow!

Friday Photobombs


The Chive

Loving this kid’s style.
It’s Friday, You Could Use Some Photobombs (26 Photos)

Are You Pregnant Prank

Hottest Megan Fox Videos

megan fox videos


She’s gotten sexier with age.
The 5 Hottest Videos of Megan Fox

Cat Fighter (Street Fighter Parody)

cat fighter

Clip Nation

Cat Fighter (Street Fighter Parody – Video)

Eva on the Beach

eva see thru

Gorilla Mask

Not sure why she’s even bothering with that shirt.
Eva (NSFWish)

Aaron Hernandez

aaron hernandez



Tawny Jordan Ring in Lingerie

tawny jordan ring

SI Extra Mustard

You remember Tawny, right?
SI Hot Clicks

College Tuition

college tuition

Elite Daily

This is kind of depressing.
15 Things You Can Buy With Your College Tuition

USC Song Girls

usc song girls

Busted Coverage

It’s never a bad time for USC Song Girls.
61 Best USC Song Girls Photos For Summer

Sesame Street Salutes James Gandolfini

sesame street gandolfini


This is pretty darn great.
Sesame Street’s Tribute to James Gandolfini (Video)

Sandra Kubicka in Lingerie

Sandra Kubicka


And bikinis!
Model at Midnight: Sandra Kubicka

Sexiest College Campus Parties

sexy college parties

The Smoking Jacket

These will make you miss college.
The 8 Sexiest College Campus Parties

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

liraz dror


Massive Party Foul, WTF Florida, Liraz Dror and more!

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