What’s winning the Internet today (07.02.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Trapped in a Donation Box?

donation box

Huffington Post

Your WTFx2 moment of the day.
LISTEN: Woman Trapped in Donation Box Calls 911

How Does This Happen?

cabin door


This’ll make you rethink flying next time.
Cricket Player Confuses Airplane Cabin Door With Bathroom

You Know It’s True

ric flair



Nina Agdal in Swimwear

agdal swimsuit

SI Extra Justard

She’s not really American, but we’ll gladly take her.
SI Hot Clicks

Very British Problems

british problems

The Chive

It’s a different world across the ole pond.
Very British Problems (21 Photos)

Chewbacca Sings The National Anthem

Jenna in Lingerie

jenna lingerie

Gorilla Mask

Leopard-print never looked so good.
Jenna (NSFWish)

Dogs vs. Sprinklers

dogs sprinklers

Clip Nation

Who will achieve supremacy?
Dogs vs. Sprinklers (Video)

Bregje Heinen in Lingerie



Victoria’s Secret found another keeper!
Bregje Heinen is Back With a New Lingerie Sizzle-Fest

Well Do They?

world war zed



Female vs. Male Strippers


MTV Guy Code

What exactly does happen at a strip club for women?
Female vs. Male Strippers: A Club Breakdown

Christina Milian on Instagram



This is why we love Instagram.
Christina Milian Half Naked Mom Erotica

Worst News Graphics Ever?

worst news graphic


Or BEST news graphic ever?
Is This the Worst News Graphics Ever? (Video)

Ines Sainz Wins

ines sainz

Busted Coverage

She always wins.
Forget Brazil, Ines Sainz Won The 2013 Confederations Cup [PHOTOS]

Who is Anonymous?


The Smoking Jacket

Could any of these be right?
Who is Anonymous? We’ve Got 5 Suspicions

Collien Fernandes in Lingerie



And she appears on German TV pretty regularly.
Model at Midnight: Collien Fernandes

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

Aniko Michnyaova


Redneck Innovation, Crazy Russian Videos, Aniko Michnyaova and more!