Whiskey Friday: STilL 630 Rally Point Rye

It’s everyone’s favorite day again, Whiskey Friday. I’m a bit under the weather, which is all the more reason to dabble in STilL 630 Rally Point Rye. Nothing clears up the mind and body like a kick of rye whiskey.


It typically takes a decent pour to release the aroma of a whiskey, but Rally Point jumps right out of the bottle. Maybe that was just my desperation from a week without even an ounce of booze though. One whiff out of the tasting glass and I was reminded what I had been missing. The beautiful smell of alcohol, rye, and caramel leaps out immediately. The initial sip is soft and warms as it goes by. The spice quickly covers the tongue and it lingers for awhile after your mouth parts way with the spirit. If you really want to get crazy, get it up in your gums like a cokehead. That’s where you’ll actually feel the burn. To again quote the doorman:

Man, that has a little bite to it, but I’ll be damned if I couldn’t drink a whole bottle of that stuff during an overnight shift.

I mentioned STilL 630 was a one to watch back in January. Well, their day has finally come. After 16 months of fighting the government for their 11 different licenses, the small St. Louis distillery will finally have its grand opening tomorrow, April 13th. I can’t make it to the event, but if you live anywhere near STL you should stop by for me. The event is at the distillery (1000 S. 4th St. St. Louis, MO 63104), and is open house style from 10am-7pm. Master distiller and friend of the program, Dave Weglarz, will be giving tours, describing the methods, and most importantly, dishing out free samples (Big Jake White Dog and Rally Point Rye). I’m told there may even be prizes. If one of them is a flask, you should probably try to win that. They’ve been known to travel to some pretty interesting places.

Colin Joliat