Why is an NBA owner subbing his team’s highlights to reddit?

by 5 years ago

This is just, odd. There’s really no other way to describe it. Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores has a reddit account (we think), appropriately named ‘tom_gores.’ He used that account recently to sub a Pistons highlight dunk.

Tom Gores Pistons highlight

I mean, it’s really not that big of a deal—it’s just weird, man. Gores is the founder of Platinum Equity, he’s worth $2.5 billion…and he’s out there subbing his team’s highlights to reddit?!

Here are some other subs from the ‘tom_gores’ account.

Tom Gores 1

Tom Gores 2

Tom Gores 3

It appears ‘tom_gores’ really likes himself some Tom Gores. Tangentially related, he once rushed the court after a Pistons preseason win. Again, odd.

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