The next Will Ferrell and Adam McKay movie will be based on a 1980s show you’ve never heard of

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are bringing an obscure 1980s TV to the big screen.

Manimal ran on NBC in 1983 and lasted only one season. It’s the story of a doctor who lives in Africa bless with the oddly unique ability to morph into different animals. For some reason, the entire idea does scream Ferrell and McKay.

According to Deadline, “Sony Pictures Animation is teaming up with Jimmy Miller (The Other Guys, Step Brothers) and Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions to adapt the cult series into a live action/animation hybrid feature.” Jay Martel and Ian Roberts, executive producers on Key & Peele, will pen the script.

“Like The Catcher in the Rye or The Sound and the Fury, Manimal has always been one of those elusive projects every producer dreams of taking to the silver screen,” Adam McKay said in a statement. “I know the movie will be funny and entertaining but will it be the first film to win a Pulitzer? We’ll just have to see.”

Some comic heavyweights are tied to the project and it’s much different than all of the reboot, sequels and prequels hitting the big screen so why the hell not?

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