Women need to let the whole ‘toilet seat down’ thing go because it’s getting them beat up

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Women want the toilet seat down. Men don’t care, but we prefer up, because we’re lazy. This whole issue needs a resolution. 

A brother and sister in Fargo, ND felt so passionately about their toilet seat preferences, they got into a physical altercation.

Court documents say West Fargo police were called Feb. 24 to a fight at 431 4th Ave. E. Morgan’s sister, Cynthia Morgan, told police the fight started when she got angry at her brother for failing to put down the toilet seat.Cynthia Morgan told police he pushed her, broke her glasses and grabbed the phone from her when she went to call 911.

Let’s pretend this is the first time the police showed up to this residence (unlikely) and this guy was cuffed, booked and probably sat in a cell for a little while because of a god damn toilet seat. His record is marked because of his pissing preference.

This ends now.

From here on out the toilet seat will remain down (as she wishes) and men will piss into the smaller hole. Just a warning ladies — all the piss isn’t going to hit it’s mark. I don’t care how good the cocksman.

Fargo man pleads not guilty in fight with sister over toilet seat [Inforum]

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