Woman bites driver’s finger off after she steals parking spot and shame on you for assuming Florida

ABC News


Here’s a lesson they probably don’t teach in drivers ed — if you cut someone off, don’t put your hands up to apologies, because you’re likely to get a digit bit off. 

As the headline said, it wasn’t Florida this time, but the great state of New Jersey. It happened to the poor woman making sock puppets in the photo above.

Daily News with the details:

Tonya Knight-Joseph had just pulled into a space outside the Cherry Hill mall, when two women approached and starting cursing at her for cutting in. When she put her hands up, one of the suspects bit right through her digit and took it off.

Great! Now you’re not going to be hungry and I wanted to hit up The Cheesecake Factory! You always do this to me

After dialing 911 with her remaining fingers, Knight-Joseph was advised by dispatchers “not to chase the suspect but instead report to Cooper University Hospital.” I’m positive she didn’t need to be told not to chase the crazy bitch that chomped off her finger.

Woman bites driver’s finger off at New Jersey mall after she steals her parking spot [Daily News]

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