Woman invents crazy new sex move called the ‘grapefruit technique’ and it’s um…

In this video, Chicago-based sexpert Auntie Angel does something called the “grapefruit technique.” I have never heard of the grapefruit technique. For that matter, neither have you. I’m pretty sure Auntie Angel made up the grapefruit technique and OMG, WHAT IS SHE DOING AT THE 2:50 MARK?! STOP IT! STOP THAT NOISE RIGHT NOW!

(video is slightly NSFW—more so because of its hilarity rather than its actual content)

And now that we’ve seen the grapefruit technique, fellatio will NEVER be the same. On one hand, I’d like to thank Auntie Angel for bringing this to my attention. On the other hand, why did she keep it a secret for so long? Why would you deprive the world of such a wonderful thing? Why do you hate us Auntie Angel, why?

(tangentially related: why are you making that horrific slurping sound?)