WWE Rumors: Kane will leave after Payback

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Rumors from the world of the WWE today include the original matches planned for last Monday’s Raw, matches being thrown around for the upcoming Payback PPV, Kane’s planned hiatus, the Rhodes brothers and The Goldbergs tribute to a WWE legend.

Here’s the biggest WWE news and rumors today.

WWE Rumors for May 7, 2014

Plans for Payback and Kane’s future

PWInsider has confirmed that a Buried Alive match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title between Kane and Daniel Bryan is planned for Payback next month. They also confirm rumors that Evolution and The Shield will also face off again.

Early rumors involve another six-man rematch at Payback but doing three singles matches with members of each group facing off isn’t out of the question.

According to sources, there’s speculation that Kane will lose the Buried Alive match as a way to write him off TV for a few months. He’ll returns to promote WWE Studios’ See No Evil 2 when it’s released. Although the movie does not have an official release date it’s expected to hit theaters around October.

Original idea for Monday Night Raw match

There were major edits to the Raw script this week with a bunch of different ideas concerning The Wyatt Family and The Shield. One idea was to go with a Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns singles match for the main event.

WWE creative finally settled on the six-man tag match, probably because they didn’t want to ruin either Wyatt’s or Reigns push with a huge loss in the main event of Raw.

Ultimate Warrior tribute on ‘The Goldbergs’ featured no WWE content

Last night’s episode of ABC’s The Goldbergs was dedicated to The Ultimate Warrior. It featured several wrestling mentions.  The episode also featured a graphic dedicated in memory of The Ultimate Warrior at the end. Here’s a complete recap of the episode on PWMania.

Rumors are that show creator Adam Goldberg reached out to WWE to get rights to use classic footage but no footage was used on the show.

Rhodes brothers feud confirmed

WrestlingInc.com confirmed rumors of a feud between Cody Rhodes and Goldust. Cody will work as the heel in a short program between the two brothers and former tag team champions.

WWE News for May 7, 2014

Five awesome Clash of the Champions moments

WWE’s latest “5 Things” with Tom Phillips video looks back at classic WCW Clash of the Champions matches and moments.

Shawn Michaels tells JR it was Vince’s decision to end ‘The Streak’

Weeks later and the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak is still the huge topic of discussion among wrestlers, fan boards and chats.

Shawn Michaels was a guest on The Ross Report and said that the decision for Lesnar to go over was made just four hours before Wrestlemania XXX. Michaels said it was all Vince’s decision and that he trusts he must have a had a good reason for The Streak to end.

‘Wrestlemania Rewind’ to feature the Mega Powers

Next Tuesday night’s WrestleMania Rewind on the WWE Network will focus on Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan from WrestleMania V.

Birthday news and two sad birthday memorials

In birthday news, WWE star Camacho turns 31 years old today. In sadder news, today would have been the 58th birthday of former WWE star Hercules Hernandez and the 49th birthday of WWE legend Owen Hart.

Smackdown spoilers

For a complete rundown of the Smackdown tapings, click this link.

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