WWE will recruit NFL players who get cut

Did you get cut from the 53-man roster? Are you still interested in sports entertainment? Well, the WWE wants you. Legendary announcer Jim Ross is meeting with the NFLPA today to discuss ways of steering cut players towards a WWE tryout. “Some guys are going to be looking for work, and we’ve got some job openings. Maybe we can put the synergies of those two entities together and create something wonderful some day”, Ross said.



This is a win-win for the WWE. They get the publicity and perhaps a few noteworthy players at their new training facility. If if pans out, awesome. The WWE could use more athletic folks in their talent pool. If it doesn’t work out, well, they tried. No harm, no foul.

The bigger question is from the player’s perspective. Do you take a run at being a WWE star or are you content as another guy on the practice squad? There’s financial stability in the latter. Minimum salary for a practice squad player is $5700 a week. If you’re valuable to the team, it’s much more than that.

Are you willing to give up $80k for four months of work? All for a slim chance at being the next Rock, John Cena?

Interesting dilemma.