The 10 Crappiest States In America Are Exactly What You’d Guess The 10 Crappiest States Are



If you were just sitting around a bar with your friends and one of them asked “Hey, what are the five shittiest states in America?” I bet you’d come to a consensus pretty quick. This isn’t a contentious topic like a capital gains tax or when life technically begins. Nah, within about 30 seconds you’d all be like, “Probably Alabama or West Virginia.”

And guess what? You’d be right!

An annual study by Gallup-Healthways came out this week and revealed the ten most miserable states in America last year and (no surprise!) it is exactly what you’d expect.

From YahooThe Well-Being Index measures “five essential elements of well-being, including motivation to achieve goals (purpose), having positive relationships (social), economic satisfaction (financial), feeling safe and having pride in where you live (community), and taking care of your health (physical).”

Man, what places would suck at all that shit?

Drum roll please…

10. Missouri

9. Michigan

8. Arkansas

7. Tennessee

6. Alabama

5. Mississippi

4. Ohio

3. Indiana

2. Kentucky

1. West Virginia

Exactly as you and I predicted moments earlier.

You can see the whole list here.