These Are The Top 10 ‘Rudest Cities’ In America And NYC Isn’t Even In The Top Two

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Philly bros, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way because I do love Philly as a city but when I first clicked on these rankings I expected to see Philly at #1. I’m still not right from an incident several years ago when I was wearing a Tampa Bay Rays shirt in the great city of Philadelphia and some Main Line piece of trash tried to fight me for wearing that shirt ‘in his city’. He couldn’t fathom that I’d wear a t-shirt of a sports team that wasn’t from Philadelphia while stepping foot inside of the city walls, mega douche, rubbed me wrong, and that’s the reason I thought I’d see Philly at #1. I was wrong though, Philly’s #5.

These ‘Rudest Cities in America’ rankings for 2016 come straight from Travel + Leisure, so if you want to see their methodology in addition to the rankings by all means click that link:

10. Ann Arbor, Michigan
9. Colorado Springs, Colorado
8. Dallas, Texas
7. Boston, Massachusetts
6. Salt Lake City, Utah
5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4. Los Angeles, California
3. New York City, New York
2. Phoenix, Arizona
1. Miami, Floria

So what makes Phoenix and Miami so f’n rude? Here’s what Travel + Leisure has to say about that:

Phoenix, Arizona
The capital of the Grand Canyon State keeps creeping up the list, moving from No. 12 in 2014 to No. 8 in 2015, and now No. 2. Phoenix doesn’t seem to be getting more hospitable toward visitors (last year, we surmised they were just weary of all the people who winter in their hometown), but they shouldn’t be surprised by the influx. Phoenix received high scores for many “quality of life” factors including good drivers (No. 1) and affordability (No. 2).
Miami, Florida
Last year’s runner-up is now the top dog when it comes to our readers’ impressions of rudeness. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could be in a bad mood here, what with the city’s perennial tropical weather and pristine beachfront real estate. After all, it ranked as one of the best cities in the country for a Beach Getaway. But maybe it’s Miami’s display of luxury, from gleaming new condos to couture boutiques, that turned off travelers. In addition to rudeness, the city had a pretty high snob score.

So what’s up with these rankings? Well, every year the fine folks over at Travel + Leisure put out a list of the ‘Rudest Cities in America‘, they actually extend their list well beyond the top 10, but I figured for the sake of brevity it’d be worth condensing those rankings into something you bros cared to see. If you do want to see the full rankings and see if your city made the list then just follow that link and head on over to Travel + Leisure!

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