This 10-Year-Old’s Profanity-Laced Letter To The Troops Is A Goddamn Work Of Patriotic Art


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The best thing about kids is that they cut straight to the meat and potatoes of an issue. The don’t mince words. They don’t worry about hurting your feelings. If you have a pimple, they’ll call you out for it. If you’re ugly, little Bobby will surely remind you of it. If barbaric savages stage attacks that kill hundreds of innocent people, they’ll call that shit out real quick. No cryptic rhetoric. Void of political correctness. Just filed down to the brass tacks.

And sometimes the simplest messages speak the loudest.

That’s precisely the case with the below letter sent by a 10-year-old (name redacted) whose class sent a care package to the troops stationed overseas. The fact that the teacher allowed for this to be sent out in the days of hyper-sensitivity, is amazing in itself.

Check out the work of art below:

So my husband’s boat received a care package for the troops on the boat today. I think the teacher forgot to re-read…

Posted by Misty Allen- Brummett on Saturday, November 14, 2015

This should help your cause, lil man.

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