Over 1,000 People Got Sick In France’s Version Of ‘Tough Mudder’ Because The Mud Was Actually Poop

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Getty Image / Stan Grossfeld via Getty Images

Shit luck for the participants of France’s version of Tough Mudder. First, you pay an ungodly amount of money to climb a rope and get electrocuted, then you have to fend off purging everything but your vital organs out of every orifice in your body because the mud was mixed with animal shit.

Almost 8,400 people gathered at Nice’s Côte d’Azur on June 20 for the 8-mile obstacle-ridden Mud Race. But after the first day of competition, 30 participants experienced what was deemed a “mystery outbreak,” resulting in diahrrea, vomiting and fevers, according to Daily Mail.

Health officials claim the sicknesses were caused by the horse shit-smothered course, which some participants reported to have smelled. The feces released a bacteria similar to Salmonella that was ingested by participants.

Over the next few days, a total of 1,000 people were experiencing symptoms. None, however, required hospitalization.

Mud Run organizers posted this message to the official website:

[The Mud Day organizers] have immediately decided to make every effort to determine what could have caused the stomach upsets.

Personally, I don’t understand the appeal of these Tough Mudder events. Granted, I’m a piece of shit who hates on everything I don’t or can’t do, but spending almost $200 to work out is number 2,392 on my to-do list. I’m too cheap to buy myself a fucking umbrella, never mind put down half my paycheck on something I make an excuse five days a week not to do. And my friends always ask me to join their squad, and I’m always respond without hurting their feelings because I’ve learned that talking shit about Tough Mudder to a Mudder vet is a death sentence. But at least now I have the crutch of  “Ya, I’d love to join but I actually choose ‘no projectile diarrhea’ over the opposite. I know, I’m an odd one, so I’m going to sit this one out while you guys sit on the toilet for 48 hours. Go get ’em, tiger!”



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