17-Year-Old Bro Made $72 Million Trading Penny Stocks During Lunch, Now Crushes Life

Two weeks ago, we brought you the story of the 16-year-old New Jersey Bro who made $300,000 by trading penny stocks while in class.

That Bro, whom we thought was boss, has nothing on Mohammed Islam.

Islam is 17 years old and is now also worth 72 freaking million dollars, money earned solely by trading in gold and oil futures while in high school. Science class and stocks. Now, he fucking owns life. From the Daily Mail:

Outside of school, he often takes his friends out to dine at Morimoto on 10th Avenue, where they feast on $400 caviar, expensive dishes and freshly-squeezed apple juice.

The successful teenager revealed he had used his incredible wealth to purchase a BMW – which he does not yet have a license to drive – and rent a Manhattan apartment.

He’s not old enough to drink, but I guess that doesn’t matter when you’ve got wealth. How’d he get that scratch?

On his LinkedIn profile, [Islam] said he rose to success while trading stocks during his lunch breaks because he ‘followed the market, hunted for opportunities and used everything from fundamental analysis to technical analysis and price action to speculate in the markets’.

After having high returns in penny stocks, he moved on to small-mid cap equities, then derivatives, before feeling out the futures market and specializing in oil and gold, he said.

He added he has now developed ‘a passion for understanding the markets and a passion for making money’, and trades ‘mainly based on volatility and volume’.

I have no idea what any of that means and have consigned myself to a life of being poor. Why must the stock market be so complicated? Meanwhile, as I languish on a blogger’s salary, this dog ain’t done yet.

The teenager said he and his trader friends hope to start a hedge fund in June – when he is old enough to get his broker-dealer license – and intend to make a billion dollars by next year.

Sounds like someone just watched The Social Network.

God, I hate people who are better at things than me.

UPDATE: Here are some screenshots from his lavish life (He took down his Instagram page today). 

Instagram via Daily Mail