That Epic 1991 Sizzler Ad Is Now A Recruiting Video For The Philadelphia Police, And It’s GLORIOUS

After watching this 1991 Sizzler Commercial that’s been converted into a recruiting film for the Philadelphia Police you may question its legitimacy, but rest assured: this is an actual Philadelphia Police recruiting video currently being used by Philly’s boys in blue. It was only last week when we first brought you this epic Sizzler commercial from 1991 that’d been unearthed from the Internet’s vaults, an ad with one of the greatest songs in advertising history. Today the 1991 Sizzler Ad has been discovered uploaded to the official Philadelphia Police YouTube account (~17hrs ago) with the song cut out, and voice overlay added to transform the video into the single greatest recruiting tool in the history of recruiting.

Viral stunt? Absolutely.
Incredible marketing ploy and recruiting tool? Absolutely.

Part of me wants to believe that this 1991 Sizzler Ad transformed into the greatest marketing tool the world has ever seen is all the brainchild of some undergrads at U.Penn wrapping up their semester ending projects. But as the only information provided in the video’s description on YouTube is a link to the ‘careers’ section of the Philly P.D.’s website, it does seem as if this is a genuine viral marketing campaign from Philly’s police force.