The 20 Best Tinder Lines from ‘Teach Me How to Tinder’

Tinder is also, obviously, extraordinarily addictive. Superusers craft the perfect opening lines—making sure they're out-there enough to get a response, yet just the right amount of flirty so as not to come across as a weirdo—and everyone knows a friend who has successfully said something so outrageous that it actually worked. 

Meet the unknown proprietor of this Tumblr, “Teach Me How to Tinder.” We do not know who he is. We do know that, at all hours of the day (seriously, AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY), the bro in question has said something clever, hilarious, or ridiculous to a gobsmacked match. A friend passed along his highlights this morning, and it's no coincidence that this is my first bylined post of Wednesday.

Below are 20 favorites. There are many, many more to be found here.