Highlights, Best Moments, Best Tweets And Who Won The First 2016 Presidential Debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debated fervently for 90 minutes on Monday night at Hofstra University in New York during the first 2016 presidential debates. There was no clear-cut winner in the 2016 presidential debates, but it was entertaining.

At the campus of Hofstra, both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates battled in winning the hearts and minds of American voters over the 90-minute debate. Clinton wore an all red pantsuit and Trump adorned a blue power tie. Yet the two put aside their differences in the early goings.

Clinton said she is prepared to be President.

Hillary questioned Trump’s wealth when she asked him to release his tax returns.

Clinton slammed Trump for his lack of plans.

The entire night Trump attempted to present himself as presidential and veered away from his brash style that brought him great success in the primaries and avoided saying “something extremely rough to Hillary Clinton.”

But Trump did get in a zinger from time-to-time.

Hillary seemed to employ a strategy of laughing at Trump’s assumptions. Here’s Hillary chuckling when Trump says, “I have a much better temperament than she does.”

Trump seemed to be sniffling throughout the evening.

Howard Dean, a Democratic presidential candidate in 2004, who was doomed after screaming, believed Trump was sniffling throughout the debate after using cocaine.

But, he did not grind his jaw.

Trump did say that he will “absolutely support her” if Clinton wins the election.

An NBC Nightly poll regarding the debate at the time of print gave Trump a 51% advantage over 49% Hillary.

A TIME poll of 360,000 people said that Trump won the debate with a score of 58% to 42%.

Then there was this individual who chimed in on who won.

Best tweets of the debate honors go to the following: