Cops LOVED These 30-Year-Olds Protesting Tinder’s Headquarters Over Their High Rates For Older Users

We like to send BroBible corespondent, Brandon Cohen into awkward and, oftentimes, painful situations. But last week, while swiping the good swipe on Tinder, Cohen got a wild idea in his head. An idea born out of rage. Rage stemming from the fact that Tinder was charging him more money because he was north of a certain age.

While most of us would just sit there and take it up the ass from Tinder, Cohen decided to do something. He rounded up a gaggle of over-30 troops, headed down to Tinder, and then Cohen and his band of merry men (and one woman) marched outside Tinder’s offices IN PROTEST OF THEIT SHITTY AGEIST WAYS.

Did the cops show up? Of course. But the weird thing is how cool they were. They were all like, “Yeah, fuck Tinder charging you to get your old dick wet. You guys should go inside their office and talk to them.”

Not exactly the reaction Cohen expected when the cops hit the scene, but hey, cops need loving too. And they want that loving at a reasonable price just like the rest of us.

#OldLivesMatter #DownWithAgeism #AgeismKillsMyBoner

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