350-Pound Tiger Shark Turns To Spaghetti When It Gets Caught Up In A Boat’s Propeller

I’d reckon that this 350-pound tiger shark was having a wonderful day before it got caught up in that boat’s propeller, that it was swimming around the Florida Keys and eating everything in sight before its life was brought to an abrupt end.

The picture below of the tiger shark turned into spaghetti by a boat’s propeller is going viral all throughout The South over the past 24 hours because frankly nobody’s ever seen anything like this before. Most people living in Florida have seen manatees with scars on their backs from boats, but an enormous tiger shark completely wrapped up in a boat’s propeller? Hell no. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it myself. You almost have to feel a little sorry for the shark, it never had a fighting chance:

The Star Telegram reports:

Dave Kampo didn’t catch any fish when he went out on his 35-foot Rampage Jan. 14, but that doesn’t mean he came back to the dock without a catch.
The Marathon resident was shocked when he found a tiger shark mangled between the pod and the propeller of one of his 370 horsepower Bravo diesel engines.
Seasonal Marathon resident Dave Kampo was shocked to see this tiger shark mangled between the pod and propeller of his boat engine when he lifted his boat out of the water. KeysInfoNet
“When I lifted the boat out of the water, there was a tiger shark hanging there,” Kampo said. “It was impaled on the engine and quite dead.”
Kampo was out morning fishing for ballyhoo for bait with Capt. Willy O’Connell on the reef between Bahia Honda and the Seven Mile Bridge when the boat, Stormy, hit something big. The Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and seasonal Marathon resident suspected they might have hit a shark but didn’t see it.
“It was quite a bang. We thought we had hit a shark because of the blood in the water but we had no idea,” Kampo said. “We were going about 25 knots when we hit this thing. It damaged the engine and we limped back home on one engine.”

Bruh. Could you imagine running your boat, feeling a huge chunk, and then getting back to the dock to discover that you just pieced up a 350-pound tiger shark? I cannot imagine a more jarring sight than that when putting your boat up on the dock. Maybe if it was a giant squid wrapped up in your propeller? This is just nuckin’ futty to the umpteenth degree.

[h/t Star Telegram]