This 384ft Yacht Has A Two-Story Pool, Helipad, 7 Suites, And Is Fit For Only The Evilest Of Bond Villains

This super yacht is so large that it easily has more luxury square footage than not only your childhood home, but your childhood home plus your freshmen year dorm building. This super yacht is as next-level as I’ve ever seen.

In fact, they should name this super yacht ‘The Collegiate Panty Creamer’, because it’s big enough to house a college, a textiles factory, and a dairy farm.

This 384-foot luxury super yacht from Oceanco features multiple pools (which isn’t that rare), but as you can see in this video around 2:12 is when it really takes off and we realize that’s two-story pool, one that sinks right into one of the party decks.

It also features a side-hull garage for two tenders (doesn’t give specific sizes of the tenders, but presumably in the mid 30-50ft range). It also has a helipad, and more luxury square footage than any sand person would ever know what to do with. This thing’s straight out of the wettest of sea dreams, and I’m having trouble believing that this concept super yacht will one day be an actual reality.

Check out the video to have your mind hole blown:


Let’s break that down a little more.

The two-story pool of my wildest dreams:

The side-by-side garage:

And the grand scope of this super yacht: