7 Fitness Challenges Every Guy Should Attempt

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A person who never challenges themselves won’t get better. With that in mind, we’ve cooked up seven doable — but not too doable — fitness challenges for Bros to tackle. Some will leave you wheezing, some sore, and some just flat-out disappointed. But accomplishing them all will have wide-ranging benefits.

Are you game?

100 Pushups

Hey, if it’s good enough for the Marine corp, it’s good enough for you. Pushups are nature’s finest exercise. They require no special equipment, no significant amount of space, and no real time commitment. The only reason we’re not all doing thousands a day is because they’re hard. Don’t believe us? Drop down and give us 50 right now.

We’ll wait…

Far be it for us to to be a buzzkill, but your form sucked. Even still, imagine doing twice that amount. The feeling making its way through your arms isn’t tiredness — it’s fear at the prospect of joining the Century Club.

Five-Minute Mile

The mile run was a staple of physical education class. It separated the athletic from the not-so-athletic. But when is the last time you went out and ran a timed mile? It’s just not part of adult life.

A five-minute mile basically means you’ll be sprinting the whole time. This is not a light undertaking. Your quads will be screaming and your face burning as you reacquaint yourself with long-forgotten fast-twitch muscles.

Make sure to bring a buddy along to hold the stopwatch/berate you for not running fast enough. Shame is truly the ultimate motivator.

Oh, and please stretch. A pulled hamstring can really cramp a guy’s style.

Bench 1.5 Times Your Body Weight 10 Times

How much do you even bench, Bro?

It’s a question as ubiquitous as guys who skip leg day. For better or worse, this one exercise has served as the, um, benchmark for a dude’s strength. Countless lies have been told and numbers fudged.

Throwing up 150 percent of your body weight is not an unreasonable goal, but it’s certainly not a walk in the park.

Hey, even if you fail, you’ll still feel stronger than Kevin Durant.

Run a Marathon

The ultimate test of endurance requires months of training and dedication. Some serious runners have even been known to cut back on their alcohol.

We know, we know. The horror is real.

Im exchange for the sacrifice you get the satisfaction of knowing you ran 26.2 miles. While some feats of fitness have a short bragging window, the marathon has great staying power.

If nothing else, you’ll learn a bit about chaffing and humility.

Complete a Biathalon

The ying to the marathon’s yang. Three disparate events folded into one competition.

Anyone who has ever trained for one of these knows that finding time to practice all three disciplines is hard. Most people don’t have a pool or time for day-long bike rides.

That’s part of the challenge.

Of course, there’s a chance you end up looking like this guy.

But, hey: no pain, no gain.

Go to the gym for 30 Consecutive Days

The amazing part about going to the gym for a month straight is how quickly you can become addicted.

Your Cal Ripken Jr.-like steak becomes the most important thing in your life and you get ripped while doing it.

Everyone wins.

There will, of course, be days where it’s the last place you want to go. The commitment will force you to get into a routine.

Hell, a one-month obsession could yield good habits for the rest of your life. You have to try it in order to find out.

Attend 4 “Female-Centric” Exercise Classes

While yoga and spinning may not seem like a dude’s cup of tea, there are millions of women who spare by them.

And over the pat few months, several members of the BroBible team have been invited to participate in these so called “girlie” activities.

…Each one has been petty awesome.

Expand your horizons, dudes. You may just learn something.

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