Take This Picturesque 365 Day Road Trip Across America And The Temperature Will Be 70 Degrees Every Day

Because this is 2015 and someone somewhere has time to do anything and everything that you could ever think of someone has put together the ’70 degree road trip. It’s a map for a 9,125-mile, 365-day road trip spanning East to West Coast, and if you embark on this road trip beginning on January 1st every single day of the road trip will be 70 degrees. Imagine that, 365 days of the exact same temperature: 70 degrees fahrenheit.

Why someone decided to put this map together in place of just telling someone to move to San Diego, where it’s 75 degrees all 365 days of the year, well that part’s a bit confusing. But as I’ve stated here in the past, I’m a HUGE PROPONENT of Great American Road Trips. Now all I need is an open 365 days on my calendar and I can strike out onto the open road.

My biggest (and only) problem with this 70-degree road trip is this: who in the hell wants to start a road trip on January 1st? AND not only start it on New Year’s Day, the greatest college football day of the year, but start it in B.F.E. Texas where there’s not even one of the College Football Playoffs venues. It just doesn’t seem right to sacrifice the greatest college football day of the year just to drive around in 70-degree weather…right?

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