This 700-Foot High Zipline Is Officially The Most Pants-Shittingly Horrifying Yet Awesome Ride Ever

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Devin Graham, who prefers to go by Devin Supertramp , has balls of steel. Not only is he a filmmaker in Salt Lake City, but he’s also part of a six-person crew of professional BASE jumpers.

“Graham works as a filmmaker in Salt Lake City, Utah, proposing jaw-dropping stunts — and then recording them on a GoPro camera. The videos have become a pervasive presence online.

His latest video has no shortage of moments that will make your palms sweat. After the crew zips down the 10,000-foot line from a building, the jumpers release themselves with a parachute and land gracefully onto the grassy platform.”

Via Mashable

Put me on this thing and the likelihood that I shit my pants immediately after being pushed off and then just straight up smash into a wall and die is 100%. Check it out below.

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