This 9-Year-Old Who Proposed To A Beauty Queen On Stage Has Bigger Cahones Than Everyone I Know

When you’re 9 you can get away with anything besides murder and no one will give a shit. Rob a bank? Okay you’re 9, take your spanking and move on. Throw up in the middle of a Burger King and then slip in it? Yeah my mom was pissed but I was 9 so she got over it. Propose to a beauty queen in the middle of the pageant while on stage? Fuck yeah kid that’s soOoOooOoo funny even though your jokes aren’t that great let’s all laugh together as an audience because you’re 9!

But really, when I was that age I didn’t have the balls to speak to a grown-up I didn’t know personally, let alone get on stage and crack jokes. This kid’s going places.