91-Year-Old Man Checks Last Thing Off His Bucket List After Bulldozing Through His Garage Door With His Car

by 4 years ago

My Bucket List

  1. Have sex with a celebrity (of any degree of fame, D-list acceptable)
  2. Do acid in a picturesque environment with loved ones
  3. Pay rent on time for just one month

6,273. Truck through my fucking garage door with my Isuzu Rodeo

I’m in the school of thought that when you reach 70-years-old,  you can say and do whatever the fuck you want. Everyday is your birthday. You want to talk to yourself at the bus stop and mumble racist quips? Be my guest. You want to eat beef stroganoff and let all the juices run down your chin onto your shirt? Eat that shit. Because at that age, you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks. You’re done learning, you have your opinion of the world and you’re going to take it to the grave. So am I surprised that this old-timer’s one and only wish before kicking the can was to blow through his garage door? Yes. But am I going to tell him to drink a warm cup of milk and sleep it off? Fuck no, dude. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in 27 years, it’s never tell a man he can’t demolish his garage door with his ’92 Isuzu Rodeo unless you have a death wish.

P.S. How sneaky pissed do you think his family members are? They def thought they were getting the house in his will and were going to flip it for a pretty penny. Love this move. Burn all possessions to the ground and leave family to fend for themselves. Power moves only.

Check out the face of a man who’s lived a full life.

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